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Buy Some Birds

Non-Contracted Birds: $8/ea.


Contracted Birds: Please contact us. 

Can be negotiated on volume, time and availability. First come-first served. 

(All pricing subject to change.)


$2.50/mile delivery charge or pick-up* available in Montgomery, Texas.

*No used, dirty boxes or crates will be allowed for farm pick-ups. 

(Delivery charge per mile subject to change and will be discussed at time of purchase.)


We accept orders for flight-birds year-round and orders can be pre-booked 6 months-1 year in advance.
If you know what your needs are per season, we ask that you call or email to book by July 31st, prior to the Fall hunting season. We keep flight-ready birds in stock during peak hunting months.

[Subject to availability.]


Please contact us to pre-book for the 2024-2025 season!

(minimum 25)

*Any less than 25: $10/ea.*

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